Featured Interview with Doug Parker (E+E Leader)

Environment+Energy Leader recently sat down with our Co-Founder and CEO, Doug Parker, to discuss the importance of ESG data solutions. Environment+Energy Leader recently recognized Doug in its Top 50 list for 2022, and this compelling interview provides an in-depth look into his philosophy and vision for Ecolumix.

The interview features Doug’s insight on a typical day at Ecolumix and some of the biggest challenges he sees for 2023. On the value of innovative ESG data solutions, Doug says, “it is imperative for organizations to build a culture that embraces transparency and incorporate practices that use this dynamic to improve their operations and performance” and goes on to highlight the Ecolumix approach, “which incorporates the broader goals of protecting the environment, enhancing companies’ performance, and operating with integrity and clarity.”

You can read the full interview here.

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