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Ecolumix clients have access to the most up-to-date verified data to analyze corporate EHS and ESG performance using our platform and tools.

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EHS & Sustainability

Apply Ecolumix data to benchmark against peers, assess compliance risk, and evaluate supply chain performance. 


Use Ecolumix insights to understand a company’s track record and gain an accurate picture of EHS performance and trends.

Legal, Financial & Risk

Utilize Ecolumix data to advise and evaluate companies and make critical decisions about corporate EHS performance and compliance risks.


Apply Ecolumix insights to evaluate EHS operations, build and track ESG programs, and achieve business objectives.

An effective and credible corporate ESG program is no longer optional in today’s market.

Our solutions provide clients with the customized reporting, alerts, and expert advisory services needed to make informed business decisions.​​​

Our Insights

Our data intelligence is provided to our users through customized reports and automatic alerts when potential risks are detected.

Our Benchmarking Reports allow users to evaluate EHS trends over time to measure progress.

Investors, consumers, rating firms, and corporate leaders increasingly require companies and other organizations to benchmark EHS performance. Ecolumix provides the clear and credible data users need to measure one company’s performance against another or across an entire industry. Our data also allow clients to measure the performance of specific facilities to identify lagging sites and strong performers.

Our Due Diligence Reports provide insights into compliance patterns, emissions trends, worker safety records, and facility performance.

Understanding EHS performance quickly and confidently is critical for evaluating corporate mergers, acquisitions, and investments. Ecolumix provides fast and reliable reporting and insights so that lawyers, finance professionals, insurers, or other deal makers can quickly identify and assess any EHS risks. 

Our EHS Compliance Reports allow organizations to identify the early signs that can lead to enforcement triggers and business interruptions.

To manage compliance risk, companies need to identify underperforming facilities. Ecolumix data pinpoints specific vulnerabilities at these locations and compares them to peers to better understand whether a company or facility is an outlier or mainstream. Our actionable intelligence allows companies to stay ahead of compliance issues and not simply respond to them.

Our Supply Chain Risk Reports evaluate a supplier’s overall EHS performance and identify areas of strength and weakness.

Companies need to understand the performance of their supply chain to recognize potential vulnerabilities, identify reputational risks, and accurately report on ESG metrics. Our data and insights allow clients to quickly assess EHS performance at specific facilities, screen new suppliers, and respond to ESG reporting requirements.


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By applying more than 150 key performance indicators, our proprietary solutions provide actionable insights at the sector, company, and facility level.

Expert Advisory Services

The Ecolumix team brings decades of practical experience in regulatory compliance, corporate EHS management, and sustainable investing to help public and private companies, legal and financial advisors, insurers, investors, and lenders measure and improve ESG outcomes.

Our team of experts works directly with clients to:
Using billions of data points Ecolumix delivers EHS scores across performance areas that include climate, air, water, waste, toxics, community and worker safety, and compliance. Over 150 different EHS and ESG KPIs are aggregated from the facility level to the parent company level through statistical modeling to identify performance and risk with consideration for environmental and health impacts.

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