Our Solutions

Ecolumix identified a critical gap in EHS analytics: the need for mandated, credible data at a facility-to-parent level.

Our Analytics

Clients leverage Ecolumix products to analyze EHS performance, manage risk and improve outcomes.

Our Benchmarking analytics allow clients to credibly measure their EHS record versus their peers.

Corporate leaders and EHS professionals increasingly need to benchmark EHS performance.  However, competitor data, particularly at the facility level, can be unreliable and difficult to source.  Ecolumix allows clients to measure EHS performance and compliance risk to identify lagging facilities and strong performers. Outcomes are differentiated at the facility level across all regulatory pillars.

Our EHS Compliance intelligence allows organizations to identify the early signs that can lead to enforcement triggers and business interruptions.

To manage compliance risk, companies need to identify underperforming facilities, prepare for audits and appreciate regulatory and public perception. Ecolumix analytics pinpoint specific vulnerabilities to better understand whether a company or facility is an outlier or mainstream. Ecolumix allows companies to stay ahead of compliance issues and not simply respond to them.

Our Supply Chain capabilities spotlight risks and allow companies to proactively address supplier EHS performance.

Companies need to understand the performance of their supply chain to recognize potential vulnerabilities, identify reputational risks, and accurately report on ESG metrics.  Meanwhile, collecting reliable, timely data from numerous suppliers is increasingly problematic.  Ecolumix provides the solution at the overall supplier and individual facility levels.

Our Due Diligence products provide insights into compliance patterns, emissions trends, worker safety records, and facility performance.

Understanding EHS performance is critical for evaluating corporate mergers, acquisitions, and investments. Prioritizing sites with the highest level of risk or non-compliance can keep a transaction on track.  Ecolumix provides fast and reliable reporting and insights so that environmental consultants, lawyers, finance professionals, insurers, or other deal makers can quickly identify and assess any EHS risks.  

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By applying more than 300 key performance indicators, our proprietary solutions provide actionable insights at the industry, company, and facility level.

Who We Serve

EHS & Sustainability Leaders

Apply Ecolumix data to benchmark against peers, assess compliance risk, and evaluate supply chain performance. 


Use Ecolumix insights to understand a company’s track record and gain an accurate picture of EHS performance and trends.

Environmental, Legal & Risk Professionals

Utilize Ecolumix data to advise and evaluate companies and make critical decisions about corporate EHS performance and compliance risks.


Apply Ecolumix insights to evaluate EHS operations, build and track ESG programs, and achieve business objectives.

An effective and credible corporate EHS program is no longer optional in today’s market.

Our trusted EHS performance data provides accountability and transparency.

Ecolumix tracks 300+ KPIs.  These include distinct emissions categories, toxic releases, effluent water pollutants, hazardous waste details, worker safety, compliance history, and environmental justice metrics.  In order to track performance and compliance risk trends, Ecolumix provides time-series data for all metrics.

Reviewed, analyzed, and contextualized by industry experts


Mandated by law
or regulation

The Six Ecolumix Pillars

Ecolumix organizes our data around six critical pillars, five primary performance metrics plus compliance risk. Within each pillar, Ecolumix provides a curated time series of data and then layers on our own proprietary scoring and ranking.




Hazardous &
Regulated Waste

Water Quality &


Billions of Data Points

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Distinct Geolocated
U.S. Facilities
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Years of Data and
Performance History
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Key EHS Performance

Ecolumix uses proprietary knowledge to risk-weight different pollutants providing a unique perspective on emissions.  We gather and analyze billions of data points to develop our EHS performance scores, which are updated weekly. The data can range from how a company complies with water regulations, to its emissions of toxics and carcinogens, to its worker safety record. 


EHS Performance Scores and Metrics

Ecolumix’s proprietary EHS performance scores reflect contextualized, expert analysis of legally mandated data. Our approach gives users factual, unbiased information to identify potential vulnerabilities and critical areas for operational improvements. Behind each of these categories are dozens of scores and billions of verifiable data points, down to the geolocation of each facility.


Put Our Actionable EHS Intelligence to Work

Data Sources

Our environmental and safety data covers more than 100,000 private and public companies across five million distinct geolocated facilities, capturing data from many U.S. federal and state agencies.

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