Our Products

The Peer Benchmarking Profile allows clients to measure a company’s EHS performance against a group of peers.

The reports are rooted in Ecolumix’s proprietary data and cover environmental compliance, worker safety and regulated air emissions, water discharges, hazardous waste generation and similar regulatory programs.  
  • Accurately measure against competitor(s) EHS performance and compliance risk
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses relative to peers
  • Differentiate outcomes across all Ecolumix pillars

The Facility Spotlight leverages Ecolumix’s unique focus on curating facility level data as opposed to solely corporate aggregates.

Like the Peer Benchmarking Profile, the Facility Spotlight also includes coverage of the six Ecolumix pillars.  

  • Identify risks and opportunities down to a specific location
  • Understand how the public perceives performance
  • Efficiently direct resources towards sites with the greatest vulnerabilities

The Ecolumix Supplier Performance Profile allows companies to comprehensively and accurately assess environmental and compliance risk across their supply chain.

Clients enhance their visibility into supplier performance and lessen reliance on voluntary, unverified questionnaires and data submissions.

  • Screen and evaluate supply chain EHS risks efficiently
  • Streamline and outsource data collection
  • Proactively address supplier performance

Clients utilize Ecolumix Industry Data Feeds and APIs to easily ingest Ecolumix proprietary metrics and data into their own internal EHS and risk platforms.

Every data point available through the core Ecolumix products may also be accessed in bulk formats. Where appropriate, rankings are provided by absolute emissions and production levels. Data is typically refreshed on quarterly or semi-annual cadences.

  • Delivered at both the parent and facility level
  • Unique, persistent parent and facility ID system support time series analysis
  • Extracts available for entire industry sectors, e.g., U.S. refineries or fertilizer production facilities

Ecolumix performs Bespoke Data Studies into any or all of the Ecolumix six pillars and emerging environmental justice analysis.

The Ecolumix team leverages decades of practical experience in regulatory compliance, corporate EHS management, and sustainable investing.

  • Past assignments have focused on individual sites, entire industries, and geographical regions
  • Projects include in-depth Executive Review Sessions with Ecolumix founders
  • Clients range from public and private companies, legal and financial advisors, insurers, investors, and lenders

Proprietary EHS Performance Scores and Metrics

Using billions of data points Ecolumix delivers EHS scores across performance areas that include climate, air, water, waste, toxics, community and worker safety, and compliance. Over 300+ KPIs are aggregated from the facility level to the parent company level through statistical modeling to identify performance and risk with consideration for environmental and health impacts.  These proprietary scores are embedded within the Ecolumix product suite.

The Six Ecolumix Pillars

Ecolumix organizes our data around six critical pillars, five primary performance metrics plus compliance risk. Within each pillar, Ecolumix provides a curated time series of data and then layers on our own proprietary scoring and ranking.




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