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In a world of ESG data fiction, where EHS performance matters, Ecolumix is the trusted nonfiction alternative.​
Our actionable intelligence allows all stakeholders to accurately assess potential environmental and safety risks tied to a specific facility, company, supply chain, or industry sector.​

Our verified EHS performance data provides accountability and trust.

Our analytical ESG framework exclusively uses verified data, omitting all voluntary disclosures, to reveal performance history. This data is aggregated from the individual facility to the parent company, covering all U.S. companies with significant, direct environmental impacts.

Subject to independent third-party verification

Reviewed, analyzed, and contextualized by industry experts

Mandated by law or regulation

Billions of Data Points

0 Million
Distinct Geolocated U.S. Facilities
Publicly Traded Companies
Key EHS and ESG
Performance Indicators
Ecolumix’s proprietary solutions utilize contextualized, expert analysis of legally mandated data. We gather and analyze billions of data points to develop our EHS performance scores, which are updated weekly. The data can range from how a company complies with water regulations to its emissions of toxics and carcinogens to its worker safety record.

Our clients benefit from a menu of options to access our data.

EHS Performance
Scores and Metrics

Our approach gives users factual, unbiased information to identify potential vulnerabilities and critical areas for operational improvements. Behind each of these categories are dozens of subscores and billions of verifiable data points, down to the geolocation of each facility.

Data Sources

Our environmental and safety data covers more than 25,000 private and public companies across six million distinct geolocated facilities, capturing data from many U.S. federal and state agencies.

Ecolumix Evaluates

The purity of data matters, as does the lens through which the data is applied and contextualized. Ecolumix helps cut through the ESG noise to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Amount and Impact of Pollution

Risk to People and
the Environment


EHS Performance

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