Verified Data.
No Greenwashing.

In a world of ESG data fiction, where EHS performance matters, Ecolumix is the trusted nonfiction alternative.

Get the Real Data Story with Ecolumix

Ecolumix is a data intelligence company that mines billions of verified data points to measure corporate environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance.

Our actionable intelligence and advisory services allow all users to accurately assess potential environmental and safety risks tied to a specific facility, company, or industry sector.

Who We Serve

EHS & Sustainability Leaders

Apply Ecolumix data to benchmark against peers, assess compliance risk, and evaluate supply chain performance. 


Use Ecolumix insights to understand a company’s track record and gain an accurate picture of EHS performance and trends.

Legal, Financial & Risk Professionals

Utilize Ecolumix data to advise and evaluate companies and make critical decisions about corporate EHS performance and compliance risks.


Apply Ecolumix insights to evaluate EHS operations, build and track ESG programs, and achieve business objectives.

Why Ecolumix?

Ecolumix fills critical gaps in the ESG and EHS data markets, providing actionable intelligence based on verified data and empowering clients to meet performance goals and mitigate risks.

The purity of data matters, as does the lens through which the data is applied and contextualized. Clients have access to the most up-to-date data and statistical models to analyze corporate EHS performance using our platform and tools.

Our methodology identifies hidden risks and gives clients the information they need to mitigate and avoid reputational, financial, legal, and compliance risks. Ecolumix helps cut through the ESG noise to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Experts in EHS & ESG

The Ecolumix team has decades of experience in environmental risk assessment, regulatory compliance and enforcement, corporate EHS management, sustainable investing, and statistical modeling. As data users throughout our careers at EPA, global companies, Wall Street, and technology startups, we understand the value of reliable data and its critical role in strategic decision making.

Billions of Data Points

0 Million
Distinct Geolocated
U.S. Facilities
Publicly Traded
Key EHS and ESG Performance Indicators

Ecolumix Evaluates

Amount and Impact of Pollution

Risk to People and the Environment


EHS Performance

Behind each of these categories are dozens of subscores and billions of verifiable data points, down to the geolocation of each facility.

Our Solutions

Ecolumix’s proprietary solutions utilize contextualized, expert analysis of legally mandated data.


Due Diligence


Supply Chain

Put Our Verified Data
to Work for You

Access to reliable data is lagging at a time when heightened scrutiny on EHS and ESG performance is growing.